Can Computers Replace People?

 Well, I have to say this is not an easy question: Before answering it we must know what does `replace people´ mean for us… in order to explain this I will give you an example: At first, when the `first generation´ computers were created (in the year 1940 more or less) they were only able to calculate very simple operations such as additions or multiplications, but the fact was that they could calculate them faster than humans…so… according to this we can assure that even in that year were computers replacing us

To tell you the truth, in my opinion, machines have been created to replace people. It is not a consequence but a hidden goal we have been looking for for ages. I think all of us have dreamt at least once about a world in which we don´t have to do anything tiring or boring.

How to achieve this?: the answer is clear: if we don´t want to do something, somebody else will have to do it (because there are a lot of things that must be done, even if they are tiring or boring tasks). But who will accept doing those hard things?: the answer is

very easy again: somebody we can control, maybe because we are stronger than them-for this reason in ancient times using slaves was very common- or perhaps because we are smarter than them- for this reason we created machines and computers-

And what about our future? nowadays we are still creating new machines to replace us in most of the tasks we have to do… then if computers can do the same things we can do and besides they do them faster and even better… what will be the role of humans in the new world?

I don´t know the answer. But if you think about it for a while perhaps you will discover that we are turning into a kind of parasites… and everybody wants parasites to be killed… so maybe our destiny is being crushed like fleas by the machines we have designed…

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